Holidays have their own special significance, but even a holiday tailgate party is always more about fun than anything else. What’s decidedly not fun, though, as experienced tailgaters have come to learn, is working the party you’d rather be attending. So don’t be the host who’s doubling (tripling, quadrupling) as the bartender, waiter and entertainment. Let technology do the work for you.

Make your Thanksgiving party a self-service tailgate. You know you want to. With some advance prep, you can get out there and mingle come party time. Let your guests take care of themselves.

Rotating Self-Serve Pizza Display

Photo Credit: Nemco

Rotating Self-Serve Pizza Display ($2635.00)

Everybody loves pizza. (Do we even have to say it?) So you know that will be a hit. But why not put a variety of different foods on the three individual platters? Chicken wings, baked goods, your only limited by your menu. Adjust the temperature control and let it start spinning the eats around. The interior lights keep the food visible at any time, and a built-in water reservoir helps to keep the food moist.

Buy the Rotating Self-Serve Pizza Display.

Avanti Portable Party Pub Beer Dispenser

Photo Credit: Avanti

Avanti Portable Party Pub Beer Dispenser ($349.00)

Wait a minute, this tailgate has beer? Most of your guests would rather just get their own beer, especially when they get to work the tap themselves. Set up this portable beer dispenser and walk away. Don’t worry about it going empty too quickly – a compressor keeps the two five-liter mini-kegs inside cool. There’s a digital temperature control and display, a CO2 regulator to keep the beer flowing.

Buy the Avanti Portable Party Pub Beer Dispenser.

Inflatabuffet Portable Inflatable Service Buffet

Photo Credit: BMT

Inflatabuffet Portable Inflatable Service Buffet ($19.99)

If you know how to use a bicycle pump (or blow really hard), you can have a full-size buffet at your next tailgater. (Sadly, preparing the food will take a little more work.) Blow it up, fill it with ice and whatever else and you’re ready to go. It’s lightweight and portable and easily deflated for storage until the next big holiday tailgate.

Buy the Inflatabuffet Portable Inflatable Service Buffet.

Outdoor Indoor TV Enclosure Case

Photo Credit: The TV Shield

The Outdoor Indoor TV Enclosure Case ($899.99)

No one wants to leave their giant flat-screen television exposed to the elements. And by elements, we mean spilling beer and flying footballs. Put your TV inside this protective cabinet. The weather-resistant clear plastic front makes for a clear view while the housing guards against water and dust. It even locks so that prying hands can’t mess with TV’s controls.

Buy the Outdoor Indoor TV Enclosure Case.

Happy tailgating!

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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