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The Bloody Mary is a delicious concoction of tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and vodka. The origins of the Bloody Mary are unclear, but Fernand Petiot claimed to have invented the Bloody Mary in 1921 while working at the New York Bar in Paris. The New York Bar later became Harry’s New York Bar, and was reportedly a favorite Paris hangout of author Ernest Hemingway.

Ever since the creation of the Bloody Mary, rumored to benamed for Queen Mary of England, it has been a favorite cocktail of brunch goers and those recovering from a hangover (and probably brunch goers recovering from a hangover). It’s also a popular choice for aspiring record setters. Recordsetter.com reports that the world record for the largest Bloody Mary toast was set by 83 people on August 18, 2013 at Bricks Sports Bar & Grill in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The crowd gathered, Bloody Marys in hand, to raise money for Black Forest Fire & Rescue.

Bloody Mary

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But would-be record-holders don’t really even need an excuse. On December 3, 2010, Kristian Foy and 21 Bloody Mary drinkers gathered on a staircase in London, England to set the world record for most people drinking Bloody Marys on a staircase. It’s unclear if they set the record for most people drinking Bloody Marys on a sidewalk moments before.

Late night comedian Jimmy Fallon helped set the record for the world’s largest Bloody Mary on March 18, 2010. The final beverage came in at a whopping 45,889.8 fluid ounces, more than enough to wreck the evening (and probably the next day) of everyone involved. Curious what ingredients went into making the world’s largest Bloody Mary? Well, it was pretty much the same stuff as a regular-size Bloody Mary – tomato juice, lemon, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, ice and vodka – just a whole lot more of everything.

As you’re probably figuring out, food records are ripe for variations on a theme. Bloody Marys are no different. On March 27, 2010, Bloody Mary drinkers at The Bar at Mellow Mushroom on the historic King Street in Charleston, South Carolina set out to break the world record for the largest gathering of Smirnoff Vodka Bloody Mary Drinkers. The contestants gathered following the Cooper River Bridge Run and the attempt was recorded by the Universal Record Database.

On July 18, 2012, the Silver Grill Inn in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado set the world record for the largest build-your-own Bloody Mary bar when café manager Heather Beckham hand-picked 45+ garnishes for the bar’s Bloody Marys. Of the 45 garnishes, 35 were pickled, including pickled quail eggs, pickled rhubarb and pickled apples. The unusual event resulted from an experiment involving pickled Brussels sprouts that Beckham said, “turned out really awesome.” Other available garnishes included orange rind, jicama, hearts of palm, pea pods and mushrooms, as well as the more traditional celery, horseradish, lemons and shrimp.

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