Tailgates are fun, but getting there is a drag. Long hours on the highway or sitting in traffic can certainly dampen the party mood. Why not make the trip to the game into an opportunity to pre-party?

Party bus, anyone? SUV? Heck, get ready to tailgate in the backseat of the car. You just need the right gear to get everyone in the right frame of mind. As always, Tailgate Fan is here to help.

Here’s what you need for the trip to the game:

Buckshot Bluetooth Speaker

Photo Credit: Outdoor Technology

Outdoor Technology Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ($49.95)

Okay we get it — drinks will be spilled when a raucous group is confined to a small space, and any electronics in range could get wet. That’s why you get speakers that can take the punishment. So get one that’s waterproof, durable and small enough to slip back in your pocket. Music-streaming capabilities (without wires) are a must. And the battery better last for hours — like 16 — on a single USB charge. This speaker has it all, and it can even double as a speakerphone too. Mount it to pretty much any surface you can find.

Buy the Outdoor Technology Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

Sony CD Boombox

Photo Credit: Sony

Sony CD Boombox Radio Cassette Recorder ($129.95)

You know those vans from the 1970s with boomboxes strapped to the dashboard? Well, send out the call for old mix tapes and scratched-up CDs. (An mp3 player will work fine too.) You need some music to blast through the two 4-inch speakers and a 5-inch woofer. Retro-looking and just as portable if you have 8 “D” batteries handy, this boombox cranks out 20 watts of power, clearly audible above noisy traffic. There’s even an AM/FM radio to tune in the pre-game show.

Buy the Sony CD Radio Cassette Boombox.

Igloo Quick & Cool Cooler

Photo Credit: Igloo

Igloo Quick & Cool Cooler ($214.99)

Enough with the electronics, where am I going to keep the beer (and soda for the driver)? Not to worry with this 150-quart cooler. That’s 248 cans for those keeping score. This insulated cooler can keep things cold for up to seven days at temperatures up to 90 degrees (not that anything inside will stay there long enough to prove it). It’s got reinforced handles and snap-fit latches, so wherever you put it, it stays. But here’s the best part: the quick-access hatch doesn’t let the cold air out every time you need another beverage.

Buy the Igloo Quick & Cool Cooler.

Vibrating Football Game

Photo Credit: NFL

Vibrating Football Game ($49.99)

Even on your way to the pre-game tailgate, it’s game on! We all had vibrating football as a kid. Now you can play the battery-powered portable version on game day. Each team gets their own adjustable vibration control to determine the action. Scoring won’t be easy, but Giants fans at least are used to it.

Buy the Vibrating Football Game.

Happy tailgating!

Get all of your team gear for the game by clicking here.

Find more cool gear for your next tailgate.

Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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