<a href="/tag/marshal-m-rosenthal/">By Marshal M. Rosenthal

You know what… tickets to the game are expensive. They’re definitely not giving those things away. So the next best thing to sitting in the stands after you’ve had your fill of tailgating (or maybe the best thing), is watching the game on TV with all your friends. You control the surroundings. And if your team is getting stomped, there could be a game on another channel.

Every football fan has a TV. But so many devices out there can improve the viewing experience. Tailgate Fan found a few of them. And, because we’re feeling generous, here they are:

Supersonic portable TV

Photo Credit: Sharper View

Supersonic 7” Portable LCD TV ($132.99)

Let everyone else crowd around the big TV in the living room. You can find a better place to stand this portable 7” color TV. Adjust the base so it’s angled the way you want. Then use the remote to start watching as it picks up digital channels using the extendable antenna. No need to have an outlet close by either, because this thing comes with a rechargeable battery inside.

Buy the Supersonic 7″ Portable LCD TV.

Diamond USB TV Tuner

Photo Credit: Diamond Multimedia

Diamond ATI Theater HD 750 USB TV Tuner ($39.99)

Just plug this pocket-sized TV tuner into a USB slot and let it pick up over-the-air digital TV networks. Why switch back and forth between games when you can watch both at once. One of your tailgating buddies is bound to have a laptop or tablet with them. The next football game is always at your fingertips with a couple minutes of setup.

Buy the Diamond TV Tuner.

Digital Prism portable TV

Photo Credit: Digital Prism

Digital Prism Portable Handheld TV ($197.50)

Why be confined to wherever the TV is? Bring along this rechargeable portable TV like you would a tablet, only now you’re picking up digital broadcast networks as if connected to a cable box. The 7” color screen shows all the detail (aided by the included antenna if needed), while the built-in speakers put out stereo sound. There’s even a remote control, should you want to use it.

Buy the Digital Prism Portable Handheld TV.

Escort Mobile TV

Photo Credit: Escort

Escort Mobile Digital TV ($119.99)

Heck you can even watch the game on an iPhone. Pull out this tiny digital TV tuner and snap its dock connector onto an iPhone, iPad or even an iPod Touch. Then load the app and start watching free TV over the air. The extendable antenna rotates to get the best picture. It has its own USB-charged battery supply and accesses the major TV networks.

Buy the Escort Mobile Digital TV.

Happy tailgating!

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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