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There’s one constant at every tailgate you’ll ever attend, whether it’s in a parking lot, at a stadium or in someone’s backyard. People will want to sit down at some point, and there won’t be enough seats. After all, standing and drinking is damn hard work. And that pavement can lead to aching backs, sore feet and other assorted injuries before the game even starts.

Don’t get caught in this entirely avoidable situation. Be prepared with enough seats for yourself and anyone who might need to take a load off. Tailgate Fan found some options for you, the discerning tailgating fan, on the interwebs. And here they are…

Stadium Chair

Photo Credit: Stadium Chair Co.

Stadium Chair ($40.00)

Wood or metal bleacher seats are about as comfortable to sit on as tacks. Anyone who’s ever been to a football game knows that. So bring along some extra cushioning on game day. This portable stadium chair uses tough Cordova canvas and bungee cord reinforcing attached to a foldable steel frame. It’s a comfortable alternative to back and butt pain!

Buy the Stadium Chair.

SKLZ Sport Bench

Photo Credit: Properformance Sports, LLC

SKLZ Sport Bench ($69.99)

Sometimes you need to think about other people too. That’s why you bring the Sport Bench to the tailgate. It’s portable seating in a bag. Just unfold the five-foot long metal tubing to seat up to four of your friends. The bench opens up like an accordion and without any tools. Slide it up to the table, or use it for players on the sidelines.

Buy the SKLZ Sport Bench.

Arctic Zone Lava Seat

Photo Credit: Arctic Zone

Arctic Zone Lava Seat ($19.99)

This seat cushion has a secret: the reusable pack inside can be chilled or heated to make sitting more comfortable regardless of the weather. Just unfold the cushion and sit down anywhere, knowing that the fabric covering can take any abuse. The handles make for easy carrying. It can even be used in the car or as a backrest.

Buy the Arctic Zone Lava Seat.

SuperBrella Portable Shelter

Photo Credit: Sport-Brella

Super-Brella Portable Sun and Weather Shelter ($44.99)

Sometimes there’s no alternative to sitting on the ground. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. Set up this umbrella-like protector to guard against the sun, wind or even rain. It’s water repellant and has UPF 50+ sun protection. Side flaps open so the wind doesn’t blow it around. It even features inside pockets for holding some of your stuff. Room for you and a friend.

Buy the Super-Brella Portable Sun and Weather Shelter.

Happy tailgating!

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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