<a href="/tag/marshal-m-rosenthal/">By Marshal M. Rosenthal

There’s always a tailgate party going on somewhere, sometime. And as we all know, sometimes the beer is colder, the burgers juicier the music better in the next parking space over. If the grass is greener, as they say, why not pay a visit?

Tailgating is community, a friendly vibe that sweeps over the parking lot. All those people, no matter their team, might just be friends you haven’t met yet. But sometimes you need a little something to break the ice. Tailgate Fan has a few ideas.

Here’s some stuff that pretty much any tailgate (and tailgater) could use.

Flip Box Collapsible Cooler

Photo Credit: Sport-Brella

Flip Box Collapsible Cooler ($33.81)

What if your cooler didn’t need ice? The durable Flip-Box will keep your food and drinks cold for up to six hours. Of course, in a frozen parking lot, this may not be your problem. Well, the Flip Box can also keep your food warm. And it weighs nothing, folding down for easy storage. Keep one in your trunk for your next tailgate, because someone will inevitably need it.

Buy the Flip Box Collapsible Cooler.

spreadshirt tailgate t-shirt

Photo Credit: Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt Bottle Opener T-Shirt ($21.90)

Even the most seasoned tailgater only has two hands. And if it’s your party, they’re probably both occupied. This t-shirt has a bottle opener sewn right into the fabric, making it easy for anyone walking by to grab and use. Standing between tailgaters and their beer, you’ll be the most popular person there.

Buy the Spreadshirst Bottle Opener T-Shirt.

Marsh Allen Tabletop Charcoal Grill

Photo Credit: Marsh Allen

Marsh Allen Tabletop Charcoal Grill ($30.00)

A tailgate can happen anywhere. But sometimes it just isn’t feasible to bring along a big ol’ charcoal grill and accompanying accessories. Equipment should facilitate the party, not stand in the way of it. This portable eight-pound grill has a handle for carrying, and legs that fold out for easy setup. It’s big enough for cooking a few hamburgers or hot dogs together, and easy to clean up afterwards. Start tailgating and making friends wherever you happen to be.

Buy the Marsh Allen Tabletop Charcoal Grill.

Mr. Bar-B-Q Hand-Held Bug Zapper

Photo Credit: Mr. Bar-B-Q

Mr. Bar-B-Q Hand Held Bug Zapper ($9.99)

Just like ants at a picnic, no one likes bugs at a tailgate. But all the food and people will probably attract some pesky flies and mosquitoes, at least until winter comes. Rescue the party from nature’s pests with this hand-held bug zapper. No fumes or sprays. Just press the button and zap the bugs away.

Buy the Mr. Bar-B-Q Hand-Held Bug Zapper.

Happy tailgating!

Get all of your team gear for the game by clicking here.

Find more cool gear for your next tailgate.

Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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