Tailgating is a state of mind, which explains why there are so many ways to do it. The one important thing is that the group of friends assembled has a good time and you, as the host, can keep it that way.

Having a tailgate in a hot tub pretty much guarantees success. Seriously, when have you ever not had a good time in a hot tub? But there’s more to a hot tub tailgate than warm bubbling water.

This gear that will keep the party going.

Solarrific 5W Solar Backpack Panel

Photo Credit: Solarrific

Solarrific 5W Solar Backpack Panel ($79.95)

Mobile devices need extra power at tailgate time. The signal can be weak in a parking lot filled with revelers all using their mobile devices. But the hot tub tailgate presents a different problem; electrical outlets and water just don’t mix. That’s where this lightweight solar panel comes in. Just hook up the USB or cell phone adapters to a smartphone, tablet or digital camera and let the sun do the work. This handy gadget even comes with suction cups for mounting on windows, windshields and other surfaces.

Buy the Solarrific Solar Backpack Panel.

Game Waterproof Playing Cards

Photo Credit: GAME

Game Waterproof Playing Cards ($9.99)

Card-playing in a hot tub is difficult for one obvious reason: the cards get wet. But these playing cards are waterproof… problem solved. They’re the same size as regular playing cards and won’t stick together during shuffling. Now if only there were some sort of floating, anti-tip table…

Buy the Game Waterproof Playing Cards.

Go Pong Floating Palm Island Drink Holder

Photo Credit: Go Pong

Go Pong Floating Palm Island Drink Holder ($14.99)

Well, this comes pretty close. There’s no need for anyone to hold their drinks anymore with this floating drink holder. It will keep your beverage upright while you lounge about. The extra-high walls and extra buoyant rafts stand up to rocky waters. You’ll never spill your drink again… Okay, maybe you will, but it won’t be the fault of this drink holder.

Buy the Go Pong Floating Drink Holder.

AudioSource SoundPop Bluetooth Speaker

Photo Credit: AudioSource

AudioSource Sound pOp Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ($49.99)

What’s a hot tub party without music? You could drag a speaker out into the yard. Or just suction this little Bluetooth speaker to a smooth surface nearby. Encased in silicon rubber, it will stream music from most devices at volumes much louder than you might expect. And the built-in mic allows for making and receiving calls with just one touch. The rechargeable battery lasts for eight hours, a lot longer than you should be in that hot tub.

Buy the AudioSource Sound Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

Happy tailgating!

Get all of your team gear for the game by clicking here.

Find more cool gear for your next tailgate.

Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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