Vacationing in the wild means doing without the modern conveniences we take for granted at home. Often times that’s the whole point of going away. But that doesn’t mean you and your friends have to sit around being bored.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, a tailgate is just a beer and a brat away. You may not even need those, since tailgating is mostly about the attitude anyway. Turn that cabin fever into a party, with a little help from your friends at Tailgate Fan.

Here’s some gear for that tailgate away from home.

G & F Heat Resistant Barbecue Pitt Mitt

Photo Credit: G & F

G & F Heat Resistant Barbecue Pitt Mitt ($11.99)

There’s no grill out in the wild, only a fire pit. Sporting the same material used by race car drivers and fire fighters, this stylish glove will help protect your hand from the flames. It can be worn on either hand, resisting heat up to 480 degrees. The silicone palm improves the grip, while the cotton lining keeps your hand free of perspiration. Now we’re cooking…

Buy the G & F Barbecue Pitt Mitt.

Big Mouth Toys Gigantic Donut Float

Photo Credit: Big Mouth Toys

Big Mouth Toys Gigantic Donut Float ($19.99)

Take a relaxing float on the lake inside a huge floating doughnut that would make Homer Simpson proud. There’s even a patch kit, although the extra-durable vinyl should handle the wear and tear from a relaxing afternoon in the sun. And don’t worry, the sprinkles won’t come off.

Buy the Big Mouth Toys Gigantic Donut Float.

Wagen Solar-Powered Outdoor Lantern

Photo Credit: Wagen

Wagen Solar-Powered Outdoor Lantern ($49.95)

When you need a light, this solar powered lantern gives you two: an LED spotlight and a rotating LED lantern light. Charge it up during the day and use it for up to four hours at night. If you’re cursed with a cloudy day, plug it into the car’s 12v; a charger is included. There’s even a 500mAH USB port for powering up your phone or tablet, should you need contact with the real world.

Buy the Wagen Solar-Powered Outdoor Lantern.

Grace Digital Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Photo Credit: Grace Digital

Grace Digital Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker ($129.99)

If you have your smartphone powered up anyway, why not play some music? Connect to this rugged speaker for portable stereo sound, wherever you happen to find yourself. The rubberized exterior lets it float; the built-in handle keeps it from falling. Bluetooth connects it wirelessly to any device within range. You can even make and answer calls with the built-in mic.

Buy the Grace Digital Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

Happy tailgating!

Get all of your team gear for the game by clicking here.

Find more cool gear for your next tailgate.

Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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