Have wheels, will travel. But where will you go? And, more importantly, what will you do out there on the open road once the call of the highway starts to fade? Tailgate Fan has the answer.

The road trip may be all about getting there. Still, there’s only so much time you can spend looking out the window at the scenery. Tailgate Fan has some gear to turn your journey into a traveling tailgate.

Here are some gadgets to help you stay entertained as you wile away the hours.

Seidio Innotraveler Universal Car Mount

Photo Credit: Seidio

Going out on the road doesn’t necessarily mean going off the grid. So you’ll need someplace to put your smartphone, other than your lap, especially if you’re driving. Suction this mount to the windshield and clamp the device into position. The mount can handle any smartphone up to a 5.5” screen and adjusts and swivels for optimal viewing.

Buy the Seidio Universal Car Mount.

Carcam Portable Car Dashboard Camcorder

Photo Credit: Carcam

Carcam Portable Car Dashboard Camcorder ($79.99)

You never know what will happen out on the road, in the car or outside of it. But capturing video in the moment isn’t always easy. So instead place this portable video camera on the dashboard and plug it into the cigarette lighter. It shoots high-rez (1280×960) automatically and saves to a micro-SD card. Once it fills up, video/audio starts to loop, recording over content as it was recorded. This camcorder has a built-in anti-shake mechanism, auto-night mode and a wide-angle lens. It can even rotate 180 degrees.

Buy the Carcam Portable Car Dashboard Camcorder.

Envizen Digital Portable Digital TVDVD Player 2

Photo Credit: Envizen

Envizen 7-Inch Portable Digital TV/DVD Player ($159.99)

That handy iPad can’t play a DVD or get TV reception, so you may just need a portable TV/DVD player for those long hours in the backseat. Tune in to the game, whatever the game happens to be wherever you are, or pop in road-trip flick. You can even connect to your game system of choice, or anything else with an A/V output. Built-in speakers are included.

Buy the Envizen Portable TV/DVD Player.

Wagan Personal Fridge and Warmer

Photo Credit: Wagan

Wagan Personal Fridge and Warmer ($54.95)

You’ll need some munchies out on the road. This handy gadget is both a refrigerator and a warmer. With seven liters of capacity, there’s plenty of room for drinks and snacks. Place it in the car’s front console, on the front passenger seat or on the back seat. It’s got 2 built-in cup holders, a padded armrest and plugs into the cigarette lighter for power. Take it with you when you get where you’re going; it will maintain its temperature for two hours after it’s unplugged.

Buy the Wagan Personal Fridge and Warmer.

Lenmar 4-Outlet DC Power Socket

Photo Credit: Lenmar

Lenmar 4-Outlet DC Power Socket ($17.99)

So many of our gadgets these days need to be charged. (Heck, we just added three to your shopping list.) Yet many vehicles only have one or two power sources. This four-outlet power socket from Lenmar solves that problem. With an angled plug, three-foot cord and bracket, this small gadget can be mounted in the vehicle but out of the way.

Buy the Lenmar 4-Outlet DC Power Socket.

Happy tailgating!

Get all your team gear for the big game.

Find more cool gear for your next tailgate.

Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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