Hanging out at a sports bar, watching the game, is the next best thing to tailgating at the actual game. Everything you need is right there, without all the prep work. Need a juicy burger… just order it. Want another beer… just ask the bartender. And that pesky Ms. Mother Nature can’t dump rain on the festivities.

As with any party, you still need to come equipped. And that’s where Tailgate Fan comes in. Here’s what you need to maximize your afternoon or evening out, watching the game with hundreds of your new best friends.

Mini Stealth TV Remote

Photo Credit: Swamiware

Mini Stealth TV Remote ($14.99)

You’re there to watch your out-of-market team on a big screen. But the bar insists on airing the battle of the cellar dwellers, just because one of them is the home team. We’ve all been there, and it sucks. Now you can just change the channel. The Mini Stealth TV Remote can control channel and volume on over 500 brands of televisions.  Just be discrete, or you may find yourself out in the parking lot watching nothing.

Buy the Mini Stealth TV Remote.

Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Photo Credit: Kensington

Kensington Memory Foam Seat Cushion ($54.95)

Bar stools aren’t exactly the height of comfort, as we all know from experience. When have you ever chosen to sit on a flat piece of wood for hours, simply for the enjoyment of it? Fans in the stands have seat cushions, so why shouldn’t fans in bars? Bring along this memory foam seat cushion. Sensitive to temperature and pressure, it conforms to your body for maximum comfort.

Buy the the Memory Foam Seat Cushion.

Super Ear Personal Sound Amplifier

Photo Credit: Sonic Technology

Sonic SE4000 Super Ear Personal Sound Amplifier ($42.50)

That big TV over the bar doesn’t necessarily come with big sound. Who can ever hear anything the announcers say over the crowd screaming for drinks? Now you can. Just aim this pocket-sized boom mike at the screen and let its 50+ decibels of sound amplification take over. Listen with stereo earbuds (included), or plug it into a portable speaker to share with your neighbors. Those days of straining to hear the TV are over.

Buy the Super Ear Personal Sound Amplifier.

Swann 4GB PenCam Mini Video Camera

Photo Credit: Swann

Swann 4GB PenCam Mini Video Camera & Recorder ($56.00)

You never know what’s going to happen, on the screen or in the bar. While others risk getting kicked out for recording with their phones, you can be discrete. No one will know that the good-looking pen in your hand is actually a hidden video camera with 4GBs of memory that can record for an hour on one charge. Catch all the action.

Buy the PenCam Mini Video Camera.

Happy tailgating!

Get all your team gear for the big game.

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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