Throwing a tailgate takes work, lots and lots of work. It’s not a thankless job… you get to hang out and party with your friends. But you still deserve all the credit coming your way for a job well done. So let everyone who attends know just who should be thanked. And let everyone else around know too while you’re at it. There’s no need to be modest on Saturday or Sunday.

Here are some great personal touches for your party that will surely enhance the beer-drinking, food-eating, team-cheering and general fun-having atmosphere. Let the partying begin.

Photo Credit: Norpro

Photo Credit: Norpro

Norpro BBQ Set ($30)

It’s time the cook got some credit. Start by branding the meat on the barbecue with your name, or anything you want to “write.” With two lines and the whole alphabet, there’s plenty of room to get creative. And so you don’t have to try and remember who ordered what, brand the meat with a “medium” or “well done.” The kit even includes a thermometer so you can actually brand it correctly.

Buy the Norpro BBQ Set.

Photo Credit: JTD Enterprises

Photo Credit: JTD Enterprises

Flagpole To Go Ultimate Tailgaters Package ($60)

What better way to mark your tailgate than with a flag. But who drives around with an extra flagpole in his trunk? Well, you can now. This collapsible flagpole gets attached to your tire mount and extends up to 14 feet in the air. A simple twist locks each section firmly into place. Raise an American flag, your team’s flag or a personal flag. Any of these will surely call attention to your tailgate. Now all you need is the flag…

Buy the Flagpole To Go Ultimate Tailgaters Package.

Photo Credit: Sports Flags and Pennants

Photo Credit: Sports Flags and Pennants

Large NFL Team Flags ($40)

What kind of tailgating fan would you be without your team’s flag? Parked at gate 24 in section 3, look around buddy, everyone’s showing their team spirit. It doesn’t matter where you are… relaxing by the San Francisco Bay, freezing outside Lambeau Field, or even grilling your life away in Tennessee of Kansas City! A fan with a flag is always respected and admired. This customizable NFL Team flag comes in a 3X5 size and is viewable from both sides. Every team is available. Run it up the flagpole or drape it over your car or table. Show some team spirit!

Buy the Large NFL Team Flag.

Photo Credit: Beistle

Photo Credit: Beistle

Tailgate Zone Party Tape ($5)

If it’s good enough for the authorities, it’s good enough for your next tailgate. Cordon off your space with yellow tape, and let everyone know just how serious the party is about to get. Ward off all those would-be food thieves and keg invaders, just let everyone know that they’ve entered the Tailgate Zone.

Buy the Tailgate Zone Party Tape.

Happy tailgating!

Find more cool gear for your next tailgate.

Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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