By John Egan

For Brian Crosby and his San Francisco 49ers pals, tailgating at Candlestick Park “is like a huge family picnic.” Crosby and his friends toss around a football, watch NFL games on John Cale’s portable satellite TV system, fire up the grill and sip some beer. And they’re there for every home game, because that’s how it is when you’re a 49ers fan.

“Since we always tailgate in the same place, family and friends who might only go to one game a year always know where we are and stop by,” Crosby said. Crosby, Cale and the rest of the bunch are bound to treat pretty much any tailgater like a member of their 49ers family. “Everyone, whether it’s friend or stranger, is willing to lend a hand or a spatula, or share a taste of what they are cooking,” said John Lessard, who also tailgates with Cale and Crosby.

 49ers Faithful Tailgating At Candlestick

Photo Credit: John Lessard

Crosby, Cale, Lessard and their tailgating family settle into the main Candlestick parking lot near the “S” pole in the last row along the chain-link fence near the RV parking. They set up two 49ers red awnings — one for the food and the other for the satellite TV system. A Freedom Grill, touted as the “Official Grill of Tailgating,” is attached to the trailer hitch of Lessard’s pickup truck. The grill sports a custom red-and-gold paint job by Cale that makes it look like a 49ers helmet.

This tailgate team arrives about five hours before kickoff and spends most of that time tailgating. After the game, they tailgate for another hour or two. “We always try to be the first ones into the parking lot when the gates open,” Crosby said. “Unfortunately, the 49ers were making that harder and harder with new rules, until this year they granted our group early tailgate passes so we can get in and set up an hour before everyone else.”

Photo Credit: John Lessard

Photo Credit: John Lessard

The group’s passion paid off earlier this season with the 49ers’ Tailgater of the Game honor. Now, while tailgating, a portable flag pole flies their 49ers and Tailgater of the Game flags. Crosby said he and his tailgating team will whip out a “secret weapon” toward the end of the season in pursuit of the 49ers’ Tailgater of the Year award. “I can’t tell you what it is,” Crosby said, “but in my 30 years of going to games, I’ve never seen it done before at Candlestick. I guarantee it will be the talk of the parking lot.”

For Cale and his tailgating comrades, the Candlestick parking lot feels like home. “It’s a ritual,” Cale said of tailgating, “and just as much a part of game day as the game itself. Some call it day camping and others can’t understand why we put so much time and energy into it. You won’t find anyone at Candlestick who doesn’t understand, though. It’s like being around family.”

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