The new year is here, and so are the playoffs. And you’ve jumped on the home team’s bandwagon. What better way to show your pride than a tailgate at the stadium or your home? But you’ve never hosted a tailgate before. Well, Tailgate Fan has got you covered.

There’s no secret to throwing your first tailgate party. You just need to have the bare essentials — you know, food, drinks and entertainment — set up and ready to go before your friends arrive. That way you can enjoy the party too.

Grab these essentials before the big game (and maybe brush up on some of football’s basics), and your party will be a hit.

Photo Credit:  KegWorks

Photo Credit: KegWorks

Baker’s & Chefs Red Plastic Cups ($15)

What can we say? Every guest at your tailgate will need something to drink and drink out of. So you’ll need sturdy but disposable cups. But not just any cups will do. These have to live up to certain immutable standards. A disposable cup good enough for a tailgate party has to hold plenty. And these do, and then some — 18 ounces filled to the brim. And 240 of them in a pack means you won’t run out before the beer does. Maybe grab an extra pack just to be sure. Plus, their bright red color makes them easy to spot when your eyesight starts to blur, because tailgates have a way of becoming that kind of party. Trust us, we know.

Buy Baker’s & Chefs Red Plastic Cups.

Photo Credit: Coleman

Photo Credit: Coleman

Coleman 62-Quart Xtreme Wheeled Cooler ($83)

You can’t have too much beer. But you can run out of room in the cooler to keep it cold. Not anymore. This 62-quart insulated cooler has room for up to 85 cans inside. It also has four beverage holders on the top for when you want to taste the goods. All-terrain wheels and a towing handle make it easy to move the cooler — and the beer — to where the party is.

Buy the Coleman 62-Quart Xtreme Wheeled Cooler.

 Tailgate Gear: The Bare Essentials For Your First Tailgate

(Photo Credit: George Foreman)

George Foreman Portable Propane Grill and Griddle ($120)

Every tailgate needs grilled food. But who wants to commit to a giant grill for their first tailgate. The George Foreman Portable Grill is powered by a one-pound propane tanks for up to three hours of grilling. It also comes with an electric starter, 200 square-inches of space and 6,400 BTUs of heat. Like on the smaller kitchen options, the sloped design drains away the fat. And it’s dishwasher-safe, which makes the cleanup super speedy. If all that weren’t enough, the whole thing weighs less than 4 pounds.

Buy the George Foreman Portable Propane Grill and Griddle.

Photo Credit: Ion

Photo Credit: Ion

ION Road Rocker Portable PA System ($149)

It’s small but powerful. And most importantly of all, it’s compatible with just about anything that can play music. Just turn on its Bluetooth and let anyone stream music to it from their smartphone. There are four drivers, a tweeter and a bass port to pump out the sound. The internal battery rocks for up to eight hours on a single charge, and the case makes it more than durable enough. There’s even a USB port for plugging in and charging compatible mobile devices like tablets.

Buy the Ion Road Rocker Portable PA System.

Photo Credit: Coleman

Photo Credit: Coleman

Coleman Pack-Away Folding Table ($68)

This aluminum-frame table has 48-by-32-inches of space and can hold up to 300 pounds of foodstuffs. Maybe you won’t have that much, but it’s good to know you can. This table can also adjust from 14 to 27 inches high. And when the party’s over, it folds down into a carrying case half the size with easy to grip handles built-in.

Buy the Coleman Pack-Away Folding Table.

Photo Credit: NFL

Photo Credit: NFL

EB Electronics Vibrating Football ($49)

The classic football game gets a makeover, but the updated graphics and game pieces aren’t the only difference. Now each player can control not just the amount of vibration affecting his team independently of the other, but also the direction that the pieces are moving. Plus the game is now truly portable because it uses batteries.

Buy the EB Electronics Vibrating Football Game.

Happy tailgating!

Find more cool gear for your next tailgate.

Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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