The host of a tailgate has plenty of responsibilities. Beyond providing the eats, drinks and entertainment, he has a duty to capture the event for posterity. It’s a daunting task. But how else will the denizens on Facebook and Twitter, not to mention Tailgate Fan, ever know what really happened?

He needs photography equipment that’s up to the challenge. Rather than rely on drunk guests with smartphones, take advantage of the latest in tailgate photography gear. From infra-red cameras to steadicams, here are some high-tech gadgets that will get the job done right. They also make great last-minute Christmas gifts…

Point… aim… tailgate!

Photo Credit: Magpix

Photo Credit: Magpix

Midnight Extended Range Infra-Red Night Vision Camera ($119)

The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. So why should the pictures? This digital camera can take 12 megapixel shots, day or night. It “sees” with invisible infrared lights that illuminate everything up to 20 feet away. And, of course, it can zoom in. So even if you can’t see what’s going on through the LCD display, you can see the results later. It can even shoot video.

Buy the Infra-Red Night Vision Camera.

Photo Credit: Satarii

Photo Credit: Satarii

Swivl Personal Cameraman ($179)

Why take the pictures when you can be in them? Pop your iPhone into the battery-powered base, run the app and stand back. Then use the wireless marker in your hand or clipped to your shirt to control when and how the smartphone’s camera shoots. You can also remotely tilt or swivel the base to keep the lens aimed where you want it. The marker has a built-in microphone and can even work with pocket cams that have a tripod socket.

Buy the Swivl Personal Cameraman.

Photo Credit: Steadicam

Photo Credit: Steadicam

Steadicam Smoothee For iPhone 4/4s/5 ($169)

Shooting up close and personal doesn’t mean squat if the video is shaky and out of focus. That’s why you attach your iPhone to a Steadicam like they do in the movies. Now you can aim and shoot with one hand while the camera stays balanced. And because you only need one hand to maneuver the camera through the crowd, the other one is free for holding onto something more important — like a beer.

Buy the Steadicam Smoothee For iPhone.

Photo Credit: Lomography

Photo Credit: Lomography

Spinner 360 Degree Camera ($99)

Other tailgaters take pictures of their parties, but you take panoramas that capture everything going on around you. Put 35mm film in the camera, wind the motor, aim the lense and pull the cord to spin the camera around 360 degrees. Then process the film, scan it and let everyone marvel at the panorama that’s 4X longer than any they’ve ever seen before.

Buy the Lomography Spinner 360 Degree Camera.

Happy tailgating!

Find more cool gear for your next tailgate.

Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.

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