You know, it’s not as is if Joey Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi can dominate the game forever. Right? I mean, after Peyton Manning, there had to be an Andrew Luck. Once Michael Jordan left the game, Kobe Bryant was there to take the reins, followed by LeBron James, with Kevin Durant just behind him, and so on.

These dominant athletes can’t stay dominant forever, as difficult as it may be for some of them to believe — Brett Favre, anyone? And that’s why we look to the future of the sport to see who we can identify as an up-and-comer. Luckily there is plenty of young talent out there looking to carry the mantle for the next generation. In fact, the top young eater isn’t even old enough to buy beer. He is, however, old enough to make the decision to eat a 20-pound turkey in one sitting.

Matt Stonie (Photo Credit: Simin Wang/AFP/Getty Images)

Matt Stonie (Photo Credit: Simin Wang/AFP/Getty Images)

Matt Stonie

It’s hard to believe that Matt ‘Megatoad’ Stonie is just 19 years old, seeing as the recently turned pro finished third overall in his first two competitions — finishing just behind Joey Chestnut and Pat Bertoletti, the world’s top-ranked eaters, according tot he IFOCE. His big statement moment, and one of my personal favorites, came when he ate an entire 10-pound bag of potatoes in six minutes. Stonie has a bright future ahead of him.

Adrian Morgan

Morgan is another “young gun,” currently ranked 7th in the world. At just 26 years of age, he made an impressive rookie debut when he ate 18.5 peanut butter and banana sandwiches in 10 minutes. Not a bad start to what should be a long and impressive eating career. Elvis Presley would have been proud.

Kevin “LA Beast” Strahle

It’s tough to actually describe L.A. Beast’s approach to eating without using such phrases as “over the top” and “highly aggressive.” If there’s one thing you can say about the 28-year-old rookie, though, it’s that he isn’t afraid of going big. From consuming 24,000 calories worth of olive oil in three minutes to downing 50 raw garlic cloves in four minutes, L.A. Beast is truly one of the more entertaining eaters in the game these days. He’s taking it to a whole new level.

Meredith Boxberger

The 26-year-old native of Ontario, Canada, is known as the Deep Fried Diva, and for good reason. Weighing in at just 130 pounds, Boxberger ate 4.1 pounds of poutine in 10 minutes, during her IFOCE debut. She’s since gone on to top that feat by over 1.5 pounds and officially set the female Canadian record for eating 21.5 hot dogs during this summer’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Content.

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Ben Do

Speaking of Canadians, Ben Do is no stranger to poutine either, having once eaten seven pounds in 10 minutes. That was an amateur record. Right now the 24-year-old is ranked 40th in the world and 2nd in all of Canada, behind Ms. Boxberger. His style, interestingly enough, is described as “smooth,” which is tough to imagine when picturing someone shove seven pounds of poutine into his or her mouth.

Maria Edible

How fitting that an up-and-coming eater, at age 26, has the last name “Edible.” The Clifton, N.J. native is currently ranked 28th overall in the world. Her best finish came in 2012 when she ate 20 hot dogs at Nathan’s. But maybe her most impressive feat was eating 48 cupcakes in six minutes, back in 2011. Believe it or not, she is also a model. And here you thought there was no such thing as the perfect woman.

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Tom Lorenzo is a freelance sports, entertainment and pop culture writer from New York City. You can follow him on Twitter @TomLorenzo.


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