Believe it or not, actress Isla Fisher actually owns a world record for stacking the most frozen waffles on both of her hands at one time. She managed over 40 frozen waffles at once, a record that I can only imagine might be broken once you finish reading this post.

So while food-centric and eating records can be impressive — like 68 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes — others are just downright ridiculous. In honor of those who take the absurd and do it proud, Tailgate Fan looks at five of the most ridiculous food records out there. Some are so bizarre that they may never be broken.

Most Cocktail Weenies Eaten in One Minute

This one belongs to the great Takeru Kobayashi, who once ate 54 cocktail weenies in just one minute. The record was set during an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. And the funny thing about it is that they essentially took Kobi’s strength — eating hot dogs — and shrank it into a miniature alternate reality.

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Most Mini Onions to Fit in Your Mouth at Once

Naturally, this is absolutely ridiculous. But credit Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya for not just breaking, but demolishing this record. Upadhyaya put a grand total of 65 mini onions into his mouth at once, without chewing or crushing them, and closed it for 20 seconds. Just thinking about it makes me cry.

Upside Down Beer Challenge

This one isn’t a “food” record per se, but it’s close enough… and it’s certainly ridiculous enough. Peter Dowdeswell holds this unusual world record for downing four pints of beer in 22.1 seconds while upside down. Standing upright would have been impressive enough, but Dowdeswell decided to up his game a little.

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Drinking Ketchup

Where do I  even begin with this one? Sucking ketchup out of a bottle with a straw sounds pretty damn unappealing, not to mention the risk of giving yourself an aneurysm. But Dustin Phillips “proudly” consumed 90 percent of a 14-ounce ketchup bottle in 33 seconds, and probably earned a lifetime ban from most fast-food restaurants in the process. He should see if Kobi needs condiment companion for his hotdog eating.

Most Cockroaches Eaten in a Minute

This one may ever be broken. It would be challenging enough to eat one live cockroach in a minute, but to eat 36 of them… That’s just not right. English chap Ken Edwards devoured them in what would feel like a lifetime to a normal person. However, luckily for Edwards, he isn’t normal.

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Tom Lorenzo is a freelance sports, entertainment and pop culture writer from New York City. You can follow him on Twitter @TomLorenzo.

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