Beer is generally the only thing at a tailgate best served cold. (Sure we’ve heard of a salad. But do salads really count as food?) Anything else just might make your guests wonder why they came. So how do you keep the burgers, wings and other tasty food hot between the grill and your mouth? You do your research and come prepared, that’s how.

The smart tailgater comes to the parking lot with more than a grill and some meat. Here’s the stuff you need to keep food hot — and your guests happy — while you’re making more of it.

 Tailgate Gear: Keeping It Hot At Your Tailgate

Photo Credit: Toastess

Toastess TWB454 Cordless Buffet Server ($119)

Put this buffet server where the action is. Just plug it in for nine minutes and get an hour of cordless heat. Its 13″ X 26″ X 7″ inches of space give you a removable buffet server and four chafing dishes (two at 3/5 quart and two more at one quart). All of them are made from stainless steel and protected from overheating by an automatic temperature control. Clear polycarbonate domes cover each chafing dish and there’s a 24″ X 24″ warming surface. And for your safety, the over-sized carry handles always stay cool.

Buy the Toastess Cordless Buffet Server.

 Tailgate Gear: Keeping It Hot At Your Tailgate

Photo Credit: BroilKing

BroilKing MLB-CSLP4 Warming Cabinet with Family-Size Buffet Server ($390)

The stainless steel housing combines a 600-watt warming cabinet and a buffet server in a relatively compact space (15-1/4″ X 27-5/8″ X 14″). The bottom cabinet keeps food hot, thanks to an adjustable thermostat (155-205 degrees F), with a similar thermostat for the buffet server. It comes with four 2 3/5-quart chafing pans, each holding up to 25 four-ounce servings, as well as clear polycarbonate lids with utensil slots. The legs are non-skid, to prevent any unfortunate tailgating mishaps.

Buy the BroilKing Warming Cabinet And Buffet Server.

 Tailgate Gear: Keeping It Hot At Your Tailgate

Photo Credit: Maxam

Maxam Stainless Steel Chafing Dish ($208)

No need for electricity when you’re using this chafing dish. The built-in receptacles hold Sterno heaters, which keep the water in the main compartment — and your food — nice and hot. The stainless steel construction helps to distribute the heat evenly to the two interior serving dishes. Set it up, fill it with food and move on to other tailgating preparations.

Buy the Maxam Stainless Steel Chafing Dish.

 Tailgate Gear: Keeping It Hot At Your Tailgate

Photo Credit: Steven Raichlen Best of Barbeque

Steven Raichlen Best Of Barbecue Insulated Food Gloves ($17)

Burning yourself is always a danger when preparing food, especially at a tailgate. It’s been the price we pay for all that delicious food. Let burns be a thing of the past; Tailgate Fan has you, um, covered. These food gloves are flexible enough to let you handle food but insulated enough to protect you from a nasty burn. Move all those containers of food with ease.

Buy the Best Of Barbecue Insulated Food Gloves.

Happy tailgating!

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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