By Brittni Michaelis

Beer, Beer and more beer. You know what’s more beer than beer? Well, nothing actually. This is beer we’re talking about. But Tailgate Fan has combed the interwebs for some cool accessories to make drinking easier and more enjoyable. That’s right, you read that correctly, we’re about to make drinking better. Who knew that was even possible?

Check out some of these beer accessories for your next tailgate. Your buddies will thank you. Your buzz will thank you. Your beer will thank you.

beerbelly Tailgate Gear: Beer Accessories

Photo Credit: BeerBelly

The BeerBelly ($35)

No more long walks to the cooler on the other side of the party. And why wait in those crazy stadium lines only to pay $10 for a beer? The Beer Belly holds up to 80 ounces of liquid, which is just north of a six-pack. This custom-shaped pouch looks like a beer belly underneath clothing, so no one will even know it’s there. And if that weren’t enough, this thing will keep you hydrated throughout the entire game, so it even qualifies as a safety device. (Okay, maybe we made up that last feature.)

Buy the BeerBelly.

Big Mouth Toys Beer Belt/6 Pack Holster ($10)

media Tailgate Gear: Beer Accessories

Photo Credit: Big Mouth Toys

This holster holds six cans of beer or any other beverage (though, really, what else would you use it for?), and it’s a necessity for any serious tailgater. Keep your hands free for grilling, playing cornhole or, frankly, drinking. This waist belt comes with an adjustable strap, so it will fit just about anyone. And given how much you’ll be drinking, that feature will probably come in handy.

Buy the Beer Belt/6-Pack Holster.

clink n drink1 Tailgate Gear: Beer Accessories

Photo Credit: Team Sports America

Clink ‘n Drink ($43)

The Clink ‘n Drink is critical when you’re drinking out of bottles instead of cans. And while bottles should be avoided in parking lots, many tailgates don’t take place on cement surfaces. Mount the 5″ X 10″ base just about anywhere (a couple of screws will do the trick), and use the bottle opener to pop off caps. The magnets catch and hold on to the caps until you’re ready to dispose of them. Keeping score at the tailgate, not to mention cleanup, just became that much easier. You can even customize the Clink ‘n Drink to your favorite team.

Buy the Clink ‘n Drink.

Interactive Toy Concepts R/C Cooler ($100)

41ppr7oovzl  sl500  Tailgate Gear: Beer Accessories

Photo Credit: Interactive Toy

Is your tailgate absolutely gigantic? Is your team about to score the winning touchdown? What do you do when you need a beer but can’t go get it. The answer: make the beer come to you. We introduce the remote control cooler. This brilliant device holds 12 beverages, zips shut and works indoors or outdoors. It’s even portable, collapsing when you’re done with it. But really, why would you ever put this thing away?

Buy the Remote Control Cooler.

Happy tailgating!

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Brittni Michaelis is a recent graduate of the University of Colorado living in New York City with her dog, Charlie. She survives on sports, avocados and Sriracha. Follow her on Twitter @brittmich7.


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