One of the best things about a tailgate party is that everyone is together. Being social via computer or smartphone isn’t the same thing as hanging out. You just can’t tailgate remotely.

With all your friends there, stuffed with barbeque, it’s time to play a few games. Here are some tailgating classics to keep you busy between beers.

fun gripper bar Tailgate Gear: Play It Up At The Tailgate

Photo Credit: Saturnian

Fun Gripper Ball ($27)

Tackle football in a parking lot is no fun, so we play touch football. And the first thing you need for touch football, of course, is a ball. Rather than a regulation pigskin, which will get scuffed up on the pavement, go with a Fun Gripper ball. The day-glo colors allows for easy visibility, and an outer webbing makes it easy to grip or catch. And the soft construction won’t send anyone to the hospital if they get hit on the head with it.

Buy the Touch Football Fun Gripper Ball.

10 man flag football set e1351129790430 Tailgate Gear: Play It Up At The Tailgate

Photo Credit: SKLZ

SKLZ 10 Man Flag Football Set ($20)

Flag football is a good alternative to touch football. And now that we have the ball, we need the flags so we can choose up sides. The SKLZ Flag Football set allows for a rousing game of five on five. Two flags attach with Velcro to the nylon webbed belts worn by each player, and cones mark the goal lines. The set even comes with a rulebook, in case anyone forgets how to play football. Game on.

Buy the SKLZ 10 Man Flag Football Set.

sistine beer pong table e1351130913547 Tailgate Gear: Play It Up At The Tailgate

Photo Credit: Red Cup Pong

Sistine Beer Pong Table ($149)

The best part about beer pong is the competitiveness… the camaraderie. Okay, we all know it’s the beer. With this portable Sistine Beer Pong Table, luck will definitely be on your side. The table unfolds from a 2′ x 2′ briefcase to become a regulation-sized eight feet long. The surface is waterproof and scratch resistant for those who get drunk or don’t know any better. A ball rack and a set of six balls are included gratis, as is that most useful accessory of all — the bottle opener.

Buy the Sistine Beer Pong Table.

41jsx1jxx4l  sl500 aa300  e1351131169501 Tailgate Gear: Play It Up At The Tailgate

Photo Credit: Backyard Score Towers

ScoreTower Combo Set For Cornhole ($44)

Hand/eye coordination is what it’s all about when you’ve got to get that beanbag into the hole on that inclined board. Football fans can set up the legs on the wooden “football field” and make every play count, using bean bags to score a “touchdown.” Alternatively, you can turn it over to play conventional tossing. Those true competitors can keep score and use the smaller drink holder to keep a brew handy.

Buy the ScoreTower Combo Set.

41hojislbnl  sl500 aa300  Tailgate Gear: Play It Up At The Tailgate

Photo Credit: Wild Sports

Tailgate Toss XL Platinum Edition Game ($179)

But for the cornhole purist, pull out the legs and set up the Tailgate Toss XL. Its heavy-duty wooden frame is regulation size (four feet long, two feet wide) and free of any distracting graphics. Each 16-ounce beanbag (eight included) is six inches square and filled with both poly resin and crushed river rock inside to make for a good heft.

Buy the Tailgate Toss XL Platinum Edition Game.

Happy tailgating!

Keep score and keep your drink cool with the Scorzie!

Find more cool gear for your next tailgate.

Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.

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