By Marshal M. Rosenthal

How can I be the perfect tailgate host without even trying? That is the age-old question pondered by generations and generations of tailgaters, dating back well over a century. Now Tailgate Fan, with the help of modern technology, can answer that question in one syllable: apps.

By loading that smartphone in your pocket with lots and lots of apps, you can save yourself from the heavy lifting of hosting (figuratively and, perhaps, literally as well). Get the party started, and keep it going for just a few bucks — or even for free.

Let the downloading begin…

 Tailgate Gear: Whetting Your App etite

Photo Credit: Find Craft Beer

Find Craft Beer – iOS/Android ($0.99)

Microbrews are only as good as your ability to get them. Who cares about that hearty stout from the wilds of Maine, if you can only get it in northern New England? So you’ll need to know where to get more once your inventory runs low and the guests start grumbling. The Find Craft Beer app locates where the beer is sold is in relation to where you are and then gives you the opportunity to read Foursquare comments about the place before heading over.

Get the Find Craft Beer app for iOS.

Get the Find Craft Beer app for Android.

tailgate fan Tailgate Gear: Whetting Your App etite

Photo Credit: CBS Local

Tailgate Fan – iOS/Android (Free)

You obviously know about Tailgate Fan. But do you know about our amazing Tailgate Fan app? Well, you should. The Tailgate Fan app puts the party at your foam fingertips, with everything from weekly videos spanning the country to recipes, articles and contests. There’s even an amazing photo tool that lets you upload your tailgating pics, dress them up and share them with the world. Whoever said, “you can’t take it with you,” clearly didn’t have this app on his smartphone.

Get the Tailgate Fan app for iOS.

Get the Tailgate Fan app for Android.

 Tailgate Gear: Whetting Your App etite

Photo Credit: Grill-It

Grill-It – iOS/Android ($0.99)

Not everything needs to be burned to a crisp. Use the Grill-It app to figure out how to cook any hunk of meat or vegetables you’ve tossed on the grill. Pictures accompany the recipes, to show you exactly what you’re trying to do. You can even tweet the developers with your cooking-related questions. Now that’s an app with a personal touch.

Get the Grill-It app for iOS.

Get the Grill-It app for Android.

 Tailgate Gear: Whetting Your App etite

Photo Credit: Pandora

Pandora – iOS/Android (Free)

Why labor over a music playlist when Pandora can figure out the tunes you want to hear? Tell the app what songs you like — might we suggest the tailgating music top 10 — and let it take care of the rest. For even better results, chime in occasionally with positive or negative feedback. Pandora will incorporate that information into future selections.

Get the Pandora app for iOS.

Get the Pandora app for Android.

Happy tailgating!

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Stop in at the Man Cave, where the women are hot and the beer is cold.

Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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