Food and friends, not to mention the, um, special beverages, make tailgating fun. (The football game comes later.) Beyond tailgating’s big three, every party can use a little extra entertainment… music to rock out to, a television to follow the pregame. That’s where Tailgate Fan comes in.

What if you could carve out your living room and relocate it to the back of your tailgating vehicle of choice? Does anyone make stuff to trick out your tailgate? Funny you should ask, because we’ve found a few things that might interest you. Take a look, and get some ideas.

supertooth disco1 Tailgate Gear: A Little Added Entertainment

Photo Credit: SuperTooth

SuperTooth Disco ($149)

Here’s a portable sound bar that doesn’t need any handholding, unless you want to crank up that honking big retro knob. That’ll get things going, courtesy of 8 watts power per stereo speaker and 12 watts driving an internal subwoofer. It’s all powered by a rechargeable battery that kicks it out for three to four hours out at a time. SuperTooth Disco’s results are pretty impressive, and anyone can join in. You can ditch the audio input and go Bluetooth wireless, connecting to anyone’s smartphone. Let the guests control the party.

Buy the SuperTooth Disco.

sima 144 inch inflatable home theater kit Tailgate Gear: A Little Added Entertainment

Photo Credit: Sima

Sima 144-Inch Inflatable Home Theater Kit ($1699)

Just watch the looks you’ll get when you start inflating this home theater kit from Sima. Then again, most tailgaters have seen some pretty crazy things. You’ll be the biggest hit in the parking lot when you project the game on a 144-inch screen for everyone to see. A 120-watt amplifier, hooked up to a pair of speakers (with eight-inch woofers), takes care of the sound. Who needs to buy tickets and go inside the stadium? You’ve got everything you need in the parking lot.

Buy the Sima 144-Inch Inflatable Home Theater Kit.

 Tailgate Gear: A Little Added Entertainment

Photo Credit: SunBriteTV

SunBrite 32-Inch All-Weather Outdoor HDTV ($1996)

It’s not just that the SunBrite 32-inch flat panel is lightweight enough to lug around — lots of HDTVs are. This TV is actually made for outdoor use. Not only is it waterproofed against the rain, but all the vents where insects or dust could enter are filtered out. There’s even an internal heater for when the temperature drops too far. The extra-bright, anti-reflective, high-definition (720p) screen lets you watch while the sun’s up. And the built-in 20-watt stereo speakers let you hear everything you need to above the crowds.

Buy the SunBrite 32-Inch All-Weather Outdoor HDTV.

 Tailgate Gear: A Little Added Entertainment

Photo Credit: Grace Digital

Grace Digital EcoXpro Waterproof Speaker Case ($79)

Connecting your smartphone to a portable speaker means your playlist can take care of the music while you party with friends. But what happens if it falls on the ground or someone knocks it into the ice chest? Well, it would be protected if it’s inside this impact-resistant, waterproof speaker case from Grace Digital. Just wipe off the front of the speaker, crank the volume knob way up and carry on with the party. With 30 hours of battery power, you’ll probably peter out before the music does.

Buy the EcoXpro Waterproof Speaker Case.

Happy tailgating!

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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