You don’t want your tailgate guests to go hungry and thirsty. They won’t come back next week; they probably won’t even stay this week. But you’re definitely not bringing the expensive or BREAKABLE dinnerware from the china cabinet at home either. What’s the discerning tailgate host to do?

You need something durable and dependable to use, but potentially disposable as well, to minimize cleanup and maximize party-time. A little style won’t hurt either. Here are some great suggestions for your next parking lot party.

Neon Plastic Pint Glasses ($60)

neon plastic pint glasses1 Tailgate Gear: Eating And Drinking

Photo Credit: Clearlake Enterprises

Paper cups don’t make good beer containers, but glass isn’t really practical in a parking lot. These heavy-duty plastic pilsner “glasses” are what you need at a tailgate. Each holds 16 ounces of brew, pretty much ensuring that nobody is going to let go before the glass is empty. One case of 120 should be plenty for most tailgates. And if you happen to have a black light handy (because, really, who doesn’t?), you’ll see that they glow. What could be more perfect for night games and post-game parties? Try out the two-ounce plastic shot glasses when things really get serious.

Buy Neon Plastic Pint Glasses.

Heavyweight Disposable Flatware ($15)

 Tailgate Gear: Eating And Drinking

Photo Credit: Reflections

You don’t want to look cheap, but you also don’t want to fork over big bucks for, well, forks, or knives or spoons. Bring an air of sophistication to your next tailgate. Go with this heavy-duty flatware that looks more real than what you have at home. Is there anything they can’t do with plastic? With 80 forks in a box, plus 40 knives and 40 spoons, you’ll be more than covered come tailgate time.

Buy Heavyweight Disposable Flatware.

Heavyweight Plastic Plates ($27)

heavyweight plastic plates Tailgate Gear: Eating And Drinking

Photo Credit: Masterpiece

Maybe your guests don’t mind eating with their hands, but they still need something to pile the food on. And since this is a tailgate, those flimsy paper plates just won’t hold up. These 10-inch+ heavyweight plastic plates are worth their weight in barbecue sauce. Stack the food high and dig in; they won’t disintegrate or fold under the pressure. Buy two packages and you’ll have salad and dinner plates for 50 guests. (Note: By “salad,” of course, we mean coleslaw or potato salad, not that leafy stuff.)

Buy Heavyweight Plastic Plates.

3-Ply Dinner Napkins ($14)

 Tailgate Gear: Eating And Drinking

Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

You could make your friends where bibs. But we’re all adults here, not babies, right? These heavy-duty napkins are the next best way to keep the food from flying. They come 200 to a box, which should be enough for all those greasy fingers. And that 3-ply durability makes them doubly useful come cleanup time. Mess… what mess?

Buy 3-Ply Dinner Napkins.

Happy tailgating!

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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