Sometimes Mother Nature orders up a beautiful day for your tailgate party. The sun is bright, the sky is blue. And there isn’t a cloud in the sky for miles. Add in some beer and brats, and what more could you ask for, right? But a beautiful day can have its dark side. Ignore the sun and those potentially harmful rays beating down on you for hours on end, and you’ll pay for it later.

Don’t learn this lesson the hard way. Tailgate Fan has got you covered, at the stadium and in your backyard. Here’s how to protect yourself from the sun’s rays at your next tailgate:

Women’s Oasis Sombrero Sun Hat ($34)

Men’s Transit Sun Hat ($34)

 Tailgate Gear: Staying Safe In The Sun

Photo Credit: Outdoor Research

To keep the sun from frying your dome, you’ll need a hat… but not just any hat. It should be big enough to cover your ears and the back of your neck. Women can go with the the stylish and yet comfortable Oasis Sombrero from Outdoor Research. It’s made of lightweight nylon, and features a foam-stiffened “floating” brim, moisture-managing headband and a removable chin cord. The fabric is 50+ SPF UV-resistant too. Guys should look to the Transit Sun hat, with its broad brim and venting mesh panels. Look good and stay protected.

Buy the Women’s Oasis Sombrero Sun Hat.

Buy the Men’s Transit Sun Hat.

No-Ad Sunblock Lotion ($12)

 Tailgate Gear: Staying Safe In The Sun

Photo Credit: No-Ad

Any sunblock you use should have an SPF of at least 50 to be effective. No-Ad gives you 60. Rub it on, and you’ve up to 80 minutes of skin protection for your tailgating and gallivanting. Then reapply and continue on with the party. This stuff is non-greasy and infused with aloe and vitamin E for moisturizing. It’s also water and sweat resistant, for early in the season, when the sun is still pushing up the temperature on that thermometer. Be careful though, the pineapple mango fragrance might make you switch from beer to piña coladas.

Buy No-Ad Sunblock Lotion.

Roll-Up Sunglasses ($8 for 3 pairs)

 Tailgate Gear: Staying Safe In The Sun

Photo Credit: Roll-Up Sunglasses

If the sun’s too bright, just put on a pair of sunglasses. But what if you don’t want to get those swanky new Raybans dirty? Or maybe one of your guests forgot their shades. That’s where the Roll-Up Sunglasses come into play. They fit anyone, regardless of age or gender, and protect against glare and ultraviolet. The 180-degree wraparound style also means that wind and dust can’t get into your eyes. Roll them back up and stick them in your pocket when you’re done.

Buy Roll-Up Sunglasses.

Happy tailgating!

Keep score and keep your drink cool with the Scorzie!

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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