The three main ingredients for any tailgate are food, friends and beer, not necessarily in that order. Tap your inner beer drinker at your next parking lot party, as if you need our permission, but take the party beyond cans and bottles. Step up to the keg, so your guests can, uh, step up to a keg.

From keg pumps to kegerators to mini-kegs, beer technology is pushing the limits of beer enjoyment (quite a feat given how great beer already is). And Tailgate Fan has got some of these exciting advancements just for you. Here’s a roundup of essential gear to keep the beer cold and flowing at your next tailgate.

Don’t say we never gave you anything.

Taprite Bronco Keg Pump ($51)

 Tailgate Gear: Kegs And Things

Photo Credit: Taprite

Roll out a single valve keg of your favorite brew, and let the Bronco go to work. The sturdy metal tapping base keeps it righted, while the high-volume air pump delivers brewed deliciousness up to 300% faster (we hope you’re thirsty). No foaming disasters either, thanks to a release vent that relieves the pressure from the keg before the pump’s removed. Afterwards, the pump body, tubing and faucet can all be washed out in plain water for freshness every week.

Buy the Taprite Bronco Keg Pump.

EdgeStar Deluxe Mini Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser ($299)

 Tailgate Gear: Kegs And Things

Photo Credit: Edgestar

Stick in a 5-liter Heineken Draught Keg (or any 5-liter mini-keg using the optional CO2 kit) in the Deluxe Mini Kegerator, and a cold one is just a pull of the tap away. The blue digital LCD display shows the internal temperature, and the digital controls allow quick adjustments: 38 – 54 degrees F at your command. And AC/DC adaptability means taking it from outdoors back indoors is no big deal.

Buy the EdgeStar Deluxe Mini Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser.

sanyo kegerator 2 Tailgate Gear: Kegs And Things

Photo Credit: Sanyo

Sanyo Kegerator Beer Cooler ($950)

This full-size (15.5 gallons) keg-holding fridge isn’t messing around. It runs on AC, with a CO2 tank providing the “push.” The tall chrome tower and beer line assembly scream out class. The metal safety rail on top to keeps glasses and mugs (or more likely plastic cups) from sliding off too. And since it’s all assembled, your job is just to keep the beer flowing… that is, if you can handle it.

Buy the Sanyo Kegerator Beer Cooler.

krups beertender 2 Tailgate Gear: Kegs And Things

Photo Credit: Krups

Krups B100 Beertender ($149)

The Krups B100 Beertender comes complete with Heineken’s Draught Keg technology. So Heineken fans will like what comes out at the touch of the tap. Krups takes care of keeping the keg cool; all you need to do is connect the AC plug to a DC adapter for powering from your vehicle. There’s even an LED temperature display to show when the beer reaches a perfect 37.4 degrees F. Detachable pour handle and removable tray make cleaning a snap.

Buy the Krups B100 Beertender.

Happy tailgating!

Keep score and keep your drink cool with the Scorzie!

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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