Tailgating is a sports tradition as old as time itself. Although that was a lie, we can all agree that a tailgate can make or break a sporting event. If you’re planning on hosting a tailgate, attending a tailgate or just wandering around a large parking lot hoping someone hands you a Busch Lite, bring any or all the following to make sure you can have the most Tailgate Fan check-ins at your tailgate, because that’s all you care about anyways.

Let’s hit up the top tailgate essentials.

1) Food – It’s a scientific theory that humans need some sort of food to survive. Though not officially proven, since the participants died of unknown reason during testing, people will flock to your tailgate for good food. What food is best, you ask? See number two on our list.

2) Grill – “A meal without meat isn’t a meal at all.” – George Washington, I think. Meat goes hand in mouth with tailgating, and can be the perfect centerpiece for your sports celebration. There are plenty of portable options that can come with you easily, or you can be like the folks in Kansas City and tow a giant smoker every weekend. It just depends on how American you are.

3) Table and Chairs – This could get real awkward, real fast, if everyone has to stand around getting to know each other after getting a hot dog out of the hatch of your Grand Cherokee.

4) Disposable Flatware – Think about who your friends are. Now think about where your friends have been recently, and whether or not you want their bare hands near your food. Exactly.

5) Flags / Banners / Signs – It’s not enough to wear your teams colors at your teams stadium for your teams home game. Get more proof of your loyalty, and heckle away fans with glee. Also: good for finding your way back to the tailgate if you drunkinly stumble off. Which brings us to…

6) Cold Beverages – Contrary to recent advertisements, Mike’s Hard Lemonade is not an appropriate replacement for beer, unless you want to bring some to the only tailgate you’ll ever be invited to from now on. If it’s freezing cold outside, something hot + liquor is an ok replacement for local booze.

tailgate8 Top Items For A Tailgate Party

Getty Images

7) Games – Whether you call it Bags or Cornhole or Sackity-Bagger-Toss Town, a good tailgate has to have something to help everyone avoid talking about how close Monday inevitably is.

Feel free to bring accessories to any of the above (coolers, other games, side dishes, a giant bus with your team’s logo on the side, etc) and make your tailgate exclusively yours!

Kyle Ayers is a staff writer for KorkedBats.com and swears next year is the Royals’ year

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