You have your grill and your brats, your booze and your bags game, now what? On any given game day there will be from dozens to hundreds of tailgates for your potential guests to choose from, so what will make them choose your tailgate to pee behind a truck at? Adding unique elements to your tailgate is a great way to ensure it becomes more memorable, even if your team loses.

Let’s investigate a few ideas, beyond the essentials, to make your tailgate its own.

Television – A lot of people head to tailgates without tickets for the sporting event itself. Others are passionate about pregame shows. And more often than not there is another game with huge implications playing before yours. All good reasons to have a TV hooked up. Obviously, this means a generator and power strip would be necessary company. You could even take it one step further, bringing a video game system and having Guitar Hero battles before the game. Who doesn’t want to hear their in-laws belting Journey? Ok, maybe reconsider.

Themes – Maybe the game takes place near a holiday, and you can all dress up like Canadians to celebrate Boxing Day. Perhaps everyone comes with face paint. A popular theme in tailgates past is “Drinking”.

Games – Everyone will have their own set of bags, but who else will have a customized Beer Pong table with forged autographs of past hall of fame players? Who else will have Tecmo Super Bowl playing on their big screen in the back of their truck? Who else has an inflatable boxing ring with Megan Fox working as the Round Girl?

tailgate6 The Makings Of A Unique Tailgate

Getty Images

S’mores – Are absolutely delicious. Plus they bring fire into the mix.

Kiddie Pool – You laughed when you read that, but now you are seriously considering it, aren’t you? Floating beer pong table. Bikinis. Yep, you’re now buying one.

There are insanely interesting inventions that you can invest in for your tailgate, from coolers with stereos to tow hitch stripper poles. Stray from the norm and you’ll find yourself at a tailgate you’ll be thrilled of.

Kyle Ayers is a staff writer for and swears next year is the Royals’ year

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